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We ckeckmark all the right boxes

Certify Assessment Solutions offer a full modular, end-to-end Licensure and Certification service to Academic, Professional and Corporate clients, backed up with a global network of fully-supported Test Sites

With multiple testing options and rich-media integration, Certify facilitates the easy design and release of courses and tests for distribution anywhere in the world. We at Certify constantly develop new features thanks to regular feedback and requests from our clients.

Below is an overview of current key features. Each feature can be ordered separately. For example, the Results and Marking features can be implemented independently of the Test Engine, thus allowing you to use other engines and networks where it is not possible to use Certify’s services for test delivery. Alternatively, you can embed Certify’s test engine into another e-learning platform.

Remote Proctoring

Maintain the integrity of your high-stakes testing with our remote proctoring. Watch our video to find out more and request information via the Contact page.

Test Authoring and Item Banking

Easy to use question designer coupled with flexible banking and one-touch publishing

Test Delivery and Practice Papers

Encouraging students to use online practice papers, whether included in the course or provided by the awarding body, has a proven positive effect on success rate.

Test Marking

Certify can auto-mark even complex question types, with follow through marking, for manually marked questions Certify includes a customisable marking platform.

Results and Notifications

Certify can distribute results to students via email or SMS text message, including embedded feedback where appropriate.

Analytics and Reporting

Live reporting available, such as overviews with drill down to individual responses given.

Branding and Sub-portals

Your corporate ID will be embedded in your design, even during test delivery. For your branches overseas, learning providers, or partner firms you can create individually branded or co-branded sub-portals.


Certify offers many options for connecting your existing CMS, CRM, or LMS, systems, or for importing data as part of the initial transfer.

Reliability and Redundancy

Certify is developed on the modern, highly scalable, Azure platform, and achieves high availability and disaster resilience.


Security is our top priority, as Certify has been designed from the ground up to ensure very high data security. Certify has adopted Microsoft Azure for the highest level of security.